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Booking System for Agencies

The central reservation system for agencies is an online booking engine connected to different providers, which consolidates and presents the data collectively on the website.

Advantages of the Reservation System for Agencies

Increases sale opportunities
Generates personalized reports
Centralizes the information
Expands the offering by being sustained through XML from other providers
Creates contracts with tourist establishments
Defines room types and board options
Provides management of discounts and supplements
Obtains the minimum price for the customer

Signs Agencies

Product adapted to all types of agencies
Ficha Agencias Emisoras

Más información y funcionamiento para agencias emisoras

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Ficha Agencias Mayoristas

Más información y funcionamiento para agencias mayoristas

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Ficha Agencias Receptivas

Más información y funcionamiento para agencias receptivas

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Modules of the Reservation System for Agencies

Module: End-user Accommodation Booking Engine

It is a multilingual and multi-currency engine capable of searching both its own product and third-party offerings via XML, providing a unified result. Its responsive design allows adaptation to all mobile devices. The system automatically sends confirmation to the customer.

Module: Accommodation Upload Extranet

Through private access, the establishment can easily manage its entire inventory and set prices flexibly, as well as create various promotions and real-time offers effortlessly. Additionally, it can register additional services offered by the establishment to complement its offerings. Its responsive design simplifies management tasks for the user from anywhere.

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Billing Module

The system enables self-billing and/or invoicing to suppliers and clients. It integrates with a digital billing and payment tool (ERP).

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Selling Activities and/or Services

With this module, various additional services and/or activities can be sold. Direct access can be provided to these same providers for the direct management of data loading and for updating inventory and prices. The end-user can easily add different services and/or activities through the purchase process, confirm the summary of their reservation, and proceed with a single payment. All of this is carried out in a 100% online procedure.

Selling and Management for Professionals and/or Travel Agents

AlojaSuite allows registering agents and/or professionals in the system to offer them special prices, commissions, and payment methods according to their business model. Agents and professionals will have private access to all their inventory through the online search engine and can confirm their reservation in real-time without needing to manage reservations with the establishment via email or phone.

XML Connection for Purchase/Sale

This module allows you to expand your offering by not only providing your own product but also offering products obtained from other suppliers via XML. Additionally, it enables you to offer your product on other sales channels or to travel agencies that wish to do so, thereby increasing your sales opportunities.

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