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The Channel Manager integrated in AlojaSuite allows you to create a multi-channel strategy, streamlining the management of prices and availability from one single interface. The bidirectional connection makes it possible to download bookings, control the quota and activate a shared quota. The basic revenue management functions of the Pool Inventory will enable you to maximise the occupancy and profits of your establishment.

Channel Manager

The bidirectional connection of the Channel Manager enables reservation downloads, inventory control, and activation of shared inventory. The basic revenue management functions of the Pool Inventory will allow you to maximize occupancy and the profits of your establishment.

Advantages of the Channel Manager

Discover the advantages offered by the hotel Channel Manager for your tourist establishment.

Save time

Don’t waste any more time having to access each channel to make changes. With a single interface, you can control all your inventory and prices.

Increase in visibility and income

With the centralised quota, you can have the last room on sale in all the channels at the same time, thus optimising the possibilities of a sale.

Control of sales

From one place, you’ll be able to check at what price you’re selling on each channel and the type of rooms you have available for sale.

Key features of a hotel Channel Manager

Stability in your Channel Manager

The stability of the YieldPlanet platform is guaranteed by its supply of servers that enable fast updates, even when loading lots of months that involve thousands of changes.


Display of all bookings and their details from a single interface. They can be downloaded directly onto your PMS if you wish.

Reduction of overbooking

By activating the centralised quota, the channel will update the availability of your rooms or will close in each channel every time a booking is entered, according to the established rules, thus reducing the risk of overbooking

Easy update of prices

You can generate all kinds of rates easily by simply creating discounts per occupant, supplements for room types and/or formulas to be able to sell each room, on each channel at the desired price, just handling a base rate. The system does all the calculations automatically and sends them.

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channel manager

Mapping included

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