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of experiencie in the turism sector

Import/export your database so that you can quickly and easily segment it and work on it according to the previously established strategies.
Client data sheet
Get to know your customer and quickly obtain their profile: reservations, satisfaction level, booking frequency, nationality, etc.
Loyalty discounts
Build customer loyalty by automatically offering discounts based on predefined strategies. Simply by detecting their email without the need for complex registrations, with the option to segment them by rates and dates.
Re-attract your customers who have abandoned their booking process. The system will automatically send them an email reminding them of their last search and also providing the option to confirm it in just one step. You can extract reports of the results.
Promotional codes
Attract new customers by generating promotional codes for groups and/or companies, offering added value to their reservation. It can also be useful for specific campaigns by providing a discount valid only for certain rates if needed.
Quote request
Attract your customers to revisit your website by activating the request for a quote function in the search results. This way, they can receive the requested quote via email from your website. You can manage these requests through the booking system.
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C/ Sant Jaume, 220 local bajo 08370 Calella, Barcelona +34 93 766 48 66 info@alojapro.com

PLATJA D’ARNAFONA, S.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund with the aim of improving the use and quality of information and communication technologies and accessing them, thanks to PROJECT SL000000141571 FOR THE SUBSIDY PROGRAM TIC CAMERAS 2023. This action took place during the TIC Cameras 2023 period. Therefore, it has received support from the TIC Cameras program of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

The company Platja d’Arnaforna, S.L. has developed the service: ‘Predictive Models for ALojaPro Hotels,’ which has been subsidized with the support of ACCIÓ under the Competitiveness Vouchers program. This service has been used to create predictive cancellation models that, based on customer data, can provide the probability of cancellation for each of them. Aquest servei ha servit per disposar de models predictius de cancel·lació, que a partir de les dades dels clients, podrà oferir la probabilitat de cancel·lació de cadascun d’ells.