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The Hotel Tuc Blanc is one of the most emblematic establishments in the Catalan Pyrenees, located slopeside at the Baqueira Beret ski resort. It maintains high occupancy rates for most of the year. We spoke with Ambròs Barberà, the hotel’s director, about their experience with Alojapro over the more than 10 years they have been using our booking engine.

Experience of Ambròs Barberà with Alojapro's booking engine

Until a few years ago, 10 years to be exact, the hotel was marketed through various tour operators. They promoted a brochure featuring hotels where we appeared. Our communication and sales were reliant on the success of that brochure. We paid them very high commissions for our sales, and we decided to seek a solution. The digitalization of hotels is both the present and the future. Digital sales have allowed users to begin traveling right from the comfort of their couches. This enables them to view hotel images to make decisions about their trips, leading to the rise of OTAs. We transitioned from offline commissions to another form of online commission. This made us realize the need to have a direct hotel tool to achieve at least the same levels of direct sales as the OTAs had. That’s when we contacted Alojapro. We chose to trust Alojapro because they are hotel people who understood our problem. They developed the entire booking engine, and we can talk to them on a personal level knowing that they will always understand us. They understood us because they had faced the same issues as us regarding direct sales through the engine, and this completely convinced us.

We opted for Alojapro's booking engine because we knew we would have complete reliability in addressing our needs.

We opted for this booking engine because we knew we would have complete reliability in meeting our needs. The implementation was quick and comfortable. We used our summer season because we have less occupancy than in winter to do some training and facilitate the implementation process.
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Grow with us.

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Since the implementation of the booking engine, the change has been substantial. Despite the decrease in reservation rates during the pandemic years, we observe that in a normal year, we experience almost an 85% increase in sales on our official website. This places us with direct booking percentages between 70% and 75%.

Thanks to Alojapro and its booking engine, currently at Hotel Tuc Blanc, we have direct booking percentages between 70% and 75%.

Obviously, the implementation of the booking engine must be accompanied by constant work on social media and newsletter dispatches, which are also managed by the Alojapro team.

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